April 27, 2010

Last Tracks - A farewell to winter

As I stood alone at the top Lower Saddle at Alpine Meadows for one last time, I gazed out over the snow covered mountains surrounding me and down upon Lake Tahoe. I reflected for a few minutes on the season that was about to come to an end, grateful for the many beautiful days in the mountains, with family and on skis. From skiing alone among the trees at Homewood on a stormy powder day, to watching Elias make his first turns (by himself) on spring corn snow under cloudless blue skies, to hearing Mariann ecstatic about starting to feel feel the groove and have fun on telemark skis, this season has given us many great experiences to look back upon. While a long spring, summer and fall separate us from next season's first snowfall, we can anticipate those first turns on new fallen snow with the memories of a fabulous winter at Lake Tahoe. Alas, the snow is melting, even on the high peaks, flowers are blooming, waterfalls are roaring and it's time for new seasons and adventures.

As the season has progressed, we've all grown just a little bit. I felt my old ski legs come back and could get out and ski some terrain that I haven't seen in a few years. Elias learned not only the joys of skiing and riding ski lifts, but went from needing a helping hand to actually being able to make a few turns on his own on gentle terrain. Mariann, established herself as a telemark skier and the found that great feeling of linking turns and dancing on the snow. And Frêney? Well he learned how to be paitent while the rest of us ski.... No, actually I'm certain he also felt the ski bug watching us lug our skis and boots around and the smiles on our faces when we came in from our runs. This season has been a family affair, with a little bit for everyone, yet at the same time a whole lot of good times, together. We are all grateful for the chance to be season pass holders and be able to get out and ski as much as we have. Below are a few pictures that summarize our season. Skål for vinteren!