June 10, 2011

Coming Winter

By morning the storm clouds have dispersed and fresh snow on the surrounding peaks reflects the rising sun. We drive into Mammoth for breakfast waiting for the temperatures to rise as the sun ascends. Our journey is nearing it's end so we drag our feet and spend a bit more time bouldering on some volcanic tuff amongst towering Jeffrey pines before packing up for one last time.

June 3, 2011


A natural rock garden on the edge of the mighty Sierra, once a quite place to stroll among the erratic weathered granite boulders, now a playground for climbers from near and far. Despite their popularity, there is still something special at this place, something meditative, something zen. There is a reverence shown toward the rocks, the hills, the environment and each other. Despite the sporadic screams of climbers pushing their limits on minute edges of rock, there is a serenity that extends beyond the number of cars parked along the side of the road.