July 26, 2010

Beyond Bouldering

Upon being asked when he started climbing, the Norwegian eco-philosopher Arne Næss elegantly replied, "When did you stop climbing?" Most of us were climbers growing up, whether it be trees, or sofas, stairs, or rock walls. As we grow older, most of us neglect that innate desire to climb and challenge ourselves in the vertical realm. For those of us that do climb, the urge to feel the pull of gravity and air beneath our feet manifests in many ways, whether it be climbing a frozen pillar of ice or bouldering under the warm desert sun. Climbing isn't always something that comes naturally, it's a skill that needs to be cultivated not only physically but mentally. Bringing our children out on the rock has seemed like a natural extension of the outdoor activities they already have been accustomed to. Climbing is not something we pushed them into, it's something we allow them to experience themselves and find their own limits and challenges.

July 24, 2010

Backpacking in the High Sierra

As we gaze at the imposing jagged peaks surrounding us, we try to forget the mosquitoes and enjoy our pristine surroundings. We find ourselves amongst some of the most spectacular mountains in northern Yosemite, polished white granite contrasting with a crystal clear blue skies and alpine lakes. Here, we are bringing our children closer to nature, showing them some of the beauty that has influenced our own lives and decisions. We've brought our boys here to get away from the unpleasant summer heat of the lower elevations.

July 3, 2010

Driving the Pacific coast - An Ecamper review

As we drove northward, we plowed through the rain, intent on reaching our northernmost destination of Tofino, British Columbia. It had been a long haul, not being able to get out onto the beach as much as we had hoped, but still getting plenty wet and dirty. However, the precipitation gave us a chance to become more acquainted with our Ecamper and see what it could handle.