April 27, 2010

Leaving Lake Tahoe

Winter is over, spring is in full swing, and summer is already right around the corner. The snows are melting on the high peaks, the sun is shining, and flowers blooming. As we move on to new adventures, it's time to say farewell to Truckee and Lake Tahoe, for now. The rumor has it that people come to Lake Tahoe for the winters and end up staying for the summer. As we dipped our bodies in the cold, cold water of Lake Tahoe just a few days before saying goodbye, we could understand why. The beautiful sandy beaches, empty this time of year, the clear cool waters, views of mountain peaks, all combine to promise that the rest of the year has as much, or more, to offer as the winter. Yet, for us our time is up and there are other places that beckon and new adventures that await. Despite being an unsettled winter, we had our fill of great days on the ski slopes, in deep powder and spring corn. However, it wasn't just the outdoor experiences that we'll remember and that will bring us back.

Last Tracks - A farewell to winter

As I stood alone at the top Lower Saddle at Alpine Meadows for one last time, I gazed out over the snow covered mountains surrounding me and down upon Lake Tahoe. I reflected for a few minutes on the season that was about to come to an end, grateful for the many beautiful days in the mountains, with family and on skis. From skiing alone among the trees at Homewood on a stormy powder day, to watching Elias make his first turns (by himself) on spring corn snow under cloudless blue skies, to hearing Mariann ecstatic about starting to feel feel the groove and have fun on telemark skis, this season has given us many great experiences to look back upon. While a long spring, summer and fall separate us from next season's first snowfall, we can anticipate those first turns on new fallen snow with the memories of a fabulous winter at Lake Tahoe. Alas, the snow is melting, even on the high peaks, flowers are blooming, waterfalls are roaring and it's time for new seasons and adventures.

April 16, 2010

Becoming big - turning three

When do you actually become big? For Elias, turning three signified a change from being a little boy to a big boy overnight, at least when it works to his advantage. For us, he already is big, and growing way to fast. It's hard for us to believe where this time went by. The year from two to three involved lots of changes and new challenges for a little boy. Becoming a big brother, moving from our house in Norway, traveling around California and beyond, learning to ski for real, developing two languages.... learning, learning and learning some more. Elias learned to appreciate even more being outside surrounded by nature, exploring new places and tackling new situations. It was a big challenge for me as a mom to fulfill your biggest birthday wish, not every three year old wants a cow cake.
Hurra for deg som fyller tre år Elias! Du er best.

April 7, 2010

Coffee Roasting - Yosemite style

Driving down a lonely highway in the Yosemite foothills the smell of roasting coffee is delightfully unexpected. Although we had been driving through the hills in search of wildflowers, the cool and wet winter and another late winter storm had put things on hold. So instead of enjoying hillsides bathed in floral color, we made a detour at the Mariposa Coffee Company to pick up a couple pounds of freshly roasted coffee beans. However, instead of just getting beans, we were treated to a hands on tour of the roasting process as well as a cup of coffee made from beans roasted just minutes earlier.