April 16, 2010

Becoming big - turning three

When do you actually become big? For Elias, turning three signified a change from being a little boy to a big boy overnight, at least when it works to his advantage. For us, he already is big, and growing way to fast. It's hard for us to believe where this time went by. The year from two to three involved lots of changes and new challenges for a little boy. Becoming a big brother, moving from our house in Norway, traveling around California and beyond, learning to ski for real, developing two languages.... learning, learning and learning some more. Elias learned to appreciate even more being outside surrounded by nature, exploring new places and tackling new situations. It was a big challenge for me as a mom to fulfill your biggest birthday wish, not every three year old wants a cow cake.
Hurra for deg som fyller tre år Elias! Du er best.
Thanks to Uncle Lorenzo for his cake decorating expertise!