March 1, 2010

Learning to Ski

Finding a balance between our own desire to ski with spending time with our kids has proven to be much easier than anticipated. For the most part, we've had to swap time indoors hanging out/playing with the kids and getting a few turns in. With a long ski season though, we've already got plenty of skiing in, even if it only amount to a couple hours a day. They best part about having season passes and no other plans is that we aren't in a hurry. That in itself makes the day go much smoother. On days with fresh snow, I've been fortunate to be able to head out first and get my share of the powder before coming back in and taking my turn with the kids. The one challenge though has been trying to share our joy of skiing with Elias. Not quite three years old yet, he's already spent a fair amount of time on skis, having received his first pair when we was a little over a year and a half. This winter, we've been able to take him onto the ski lift for a different perspective than just skiing on the flats. For the most part, he's been skiing between my legs and learning to put more and more weight on his skis so that eventually he can ski on his own. However, as the season has progressed, he has shown plenty of enthusiasm and is finally able to ski down low angle slopes on his own.

Learning to ski is no easy proposition, and it requires an equal amount of patience and persistence. Without both, skiing loses it's appeal and ends up being an ordeal more than fun. The challenge with Elias, has been to let him decide when and how much he wants to ski. Usually that means waiting until the afternoon until mom and dad have had a chance to ski, but it also has meant that he wants to stay out skiing until the lifts close. Somedays he doesn't want to ski at all, but that's ok too.

We have no idea how Elias will end up as a skier, but for now it's nice for us to be able to get out on the slopes and ski and be able to bring our kids along. At the same time it's great to be able to share our own enthusiasm as well as see Elias grow to appreciate being outdoors on the snow. Next year will be FrĂȘney's turn...