January 14, 2010

Truckee - Sunshine, Snow, and Skiing

At last the holiday season has wound to a close and we have made our way to Truckee for (most of) the rest of the winter. With plenty of snow on the ground and sunny blue skies, what better way to get reacquainted with this beautiful area. A few centimeters of fresh snow, an eager two year old, a happy-go-lucky 11 month old,  and a daddy and mamma relieved to finally be able to start settling in for the season.

The winter is still full of plenty of unknown and unplanned adventures, but now we have Truckee as a base for the next few months while we ski, play in the snow, and make the occasional get away to other exciting places here in California. The boys can play with their cousin Sage, and we all  can try to get a feel for the community that we have sensed on previous visits.
Soon enough more snow will fall, fresh powder will beckon both the big and small, skis will get strapped on and smiles will fill our faces. (Not that we're not smiling already at the thought of being here...). Winter promises to bring us plenty of adventure and most importantly time together as a family enjoying the natural beauty of the Sierra Nevada mountains.