October 8, 2009

Finding time

It's hard finding the balance between enjoying the beauty of autumn we are again blessed with and the impending changes in our lives. The days are slowly counting down, first until we are left homeless, but also until we pull up our anchor and set sail on our transatlantic journey. It's a double edged sword thinking about leaving the home we have built and nourished the past couple years. Yet, the reasons for moving on are still ever apparent, and thoughts of complacency are never long lasting. We need a change. We need to rejuvenate our dreams and refill our lust for life. We need to be able to get out, not just for an afternoon in the woods, but into the mountains, out to the coast. We need to be able to smell the cool mist of the Pacific Ocean, feel the warm granite with out finger tips. Will I miss looking out our big window at the changing colors? Yes, without a doubt, but will we find new landscapes to rival or surpass this autumn spectacle?

Soon the leaves will fall and the cold barren reality of winter will set in. Again we will have to look back on a season past, but this time instead of looking forward to a long dark winter, we have the excitement of the uncertainty of what lie ahead.  The balance is found in reminding ourselves that even the fall colors are impermanent and that we need to enjoy them while they last. Every morning I wake up and look out and smile at the beauty nature offers us if we open our eyes. At the same time, I wake up every morning and am grateful for the decisions we have made together as a family, for out family.