January 23, 2010

Closeness and courage

We have now been able to spend almost two months together, close, together as brothers, mamma and sons, daddy and sons and husband and wife. And also as being part of other family here in California. Being a family spending so much time together, made me think of thousands yeas ago, a hundreds years ago and today, that it is in our families that we learn to take the freedom and opportunities presented to us and make something of them. It is in our families that we learn courage. We learn how to become self reliant and to focus on our personal potential of service to others. We all have to practise self-discipline and moderation. We have to foster respect for our family members, which extends to the outside world, as well as the love we have for our mothers, fathers, brothers and sisters. With our mistakes and learning in this little society, we experience justice and mercy for our mistakes and trespasses against others. It is in our families that life is lived. Families are never perfect, but families are the best way we know to develop as people. I am grateful for being able to spend so much time together.


Ellen said...

Wow, how sweet they are. Waldemar and Anton also sleeps that way every night now! I just found your blog. I have one myself, mostly abour scrapping, but since I scrap my family and friends it also tells stories about our family life. Wishing you a fantasic time!