July 25, 2008

Austrian Impressions

Preparation. A fair amount of time went into planning our trip to Austria, not only because I wanted everything to run smoothly, but also because I enjoyed the historical aspect of
researching our family heritage. I found it fascinating to be able to pinpoint the exact farms that the Walder and Waldner's lived on as far back as the 1490s. Understandably, I wasn't able to get as much official information as I had hoped, so despite my efforts there are still a few gaps. I sent several inquiries to various historical archives in the region, but of course obtaining records from the 16th and 17th centuries is not something that is easily done by email, particularly when not conversant in German. I do have some contacts though, and someday I would like to return and spend a few days digging through old archives and see if I can fill in the gaps in our family tree from 1490 to the 1655. The history behind the change of name from Walder to Waldner is also a mystery that would be interesting to find out more about.

January 1, 2008

About Mariann

Raised on the shores of the Oslo Fjord, I have always been drawn to the sea. Over the years though, I have learned to love the mountains and other natural beauty that Mother Earth has blessed us with. Currently a stay at home mom, I prioritizes spending time teaching and learning from our children. I am inspired by Maria Montessori and I am almost finished with my first certification.

About Joel

Ever since growing up in the shadow of the Sierra Nevada mountains of California I have been drawn by the pristine beauty of snow clad peaks and granite walls. Whether it be relaxing in a grassy alpine meadow, or staring out over an endless horizon from a jagged mountain ridge, there is peace in the mountains.

Over the years I have learned that peace can also be found inside ourselves by allowing ourselves to turn away all thoughts, judgement and prejudice and just being present.

It is not just the beautiful places we must seek out, but beautiful moments. Every breath can be a reminder to live in the moment, wherever we are.