December 11, 2009

On our way

As Obama fever was slowly taking hold across Norway, and Oslo in particular, we made our escape from the hysteria on a well planned journey into the unknown. In many ways, our months of planning and preparation made our departure somewhat undramatic, as though it was a natural progress of everything that had brought us to this moment. Most of our bags had already been packed for a few weeks as part of our moving out and moving on. It was all just a matter of trains, buses, and airplanes to get us from our origin to our destination.

The intimidatingly long journey didn't seem so daunting with the thought of what lie ahead. Elias particularly was well aware that we were on an airplane to California. Despite having no concept of what or where California actually is or was, he was somehow in tune with the journey that lie ahead.

Nearly 24 hours later, we finally arrived, exhausted and relieved. Despite missing our transfer in LAX, thanks to the experience of "immigrating", we were able to catch a later flight and make it out of the neon lights and into the countryside.

Los Angeles reminded us of the contrasts that exist in the United States, and the choices that we have to make on how we want to live our lives. The journey ahead has much to do with a search for a simpler life, yet first we have to get beyond the barrier of consumerism that tries to distract us.

In the end we arrived off the beaten path, surrounded by majestic pines and oaks, a few patches of snow on the ground holding out against the falling rain. It is now the real journey begins, starting to put together the pieces of the puzzle that we have been planning for.


Unknown said...

so glad to hear you made it! I was wondering after your phone call. I'll talk to you tomorrow! Looking forward to seeing you. xoxo, Julia

Unknown said...

Så godt å høre at dere har kommet fram. Jeg skal følge dere på denne bloggen og vit at dere er alltid i mine tanker. Jeg ønsker dere alt godt på reisen! xxx Kristin