August 25, 2009


Inspiration. Sometimes everyday things get a bit overwhelming and time for ourselves seems rare or non-existent. Even with two fantastic kids, sometimes a few minutes alone to collect (or rather empty) our thoughts goes a long way. Whether it be a run through the forest, or just a few moments in solitary meditation. We all need these moments, yet we have to balance these with our routines of everyday life, children, work, making dinner, grocery shopping... At the end of the day though it all comes down to priorities and weighing up what really needs to be done today, and what in fact can wait. Sometimes our inner being needs to be fed more than our physical being.

In planning our adventures for the coming year, these times for spiritual nourishment are equally essential to pursuing our dreams as all the other activities on our to do list. We need to remember to plan for time for morning walks or yoga on empty sandy beaches, and time for afternoon reading in mountain meadows while the kids are off running picking flowers and collecting pine cones. Until our adventure begins, it's important not to let the chores of our daily lives cloud the beauty we already have around us.