January 1, 2009

Home is where you are

Home is not about a building with four walls, but a place where we are able to share time and adventure with our family and friends. It's about searching for adventure and spending time in places that inspire. Home is where we are and how we choose to live our lives.

Leaving the security of our house in Oslo Norway, we took a year off and have set off on a journey to find people and places that will inspire us, in California and across the Western United States and perhaps further.

Despite a comfortable house and secure jobs, we felt we were missing something and have set out on a journey to find  out what it is. It's hard to put a articulate exactly what it is we are hoping to find or experience on our journey, however our quest does involve seeking out beautiful places in the mountains, valleys, and along the coast. We are also in search of nourishment in our day to day lives, eating food close to the source in the form of farmer's markets, providing an outdoor playground for our children to learn and explore, meeting interesting and inspiring people, and even finding inspiring books and magazines to read.

Maybe, in the end our journey will lead us back to Norway. Often the things we are looking for are found right where we are and we just need to see them from another perspective.

This blog is a record of our journeys and hopefully an inspiration to others to follow their own dreams and seek their own true home.